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Benefits of Papaya Leaf Juice

Papaya has a good nutrient content. the nutrients contained in fruits of papaya, among others, sugar, protein, fat, vitamin C, organic acids, protease, the enzyme renin, alkaline papaya and karpein. karpein itself efficacious to reduce interference with the heart, as an anti-amoeba and urinary laxative drug. papaya juice is very effective accelerate menstruation, but it also can change the skin layer of the dermis and stimulates new cell growth. papaya juice consumption on a regular basis to facilitate digestion.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf Juice

Based on the experiences of a boy who had recovered from dengue fever after experiencing a critical period in the ICU when the platelet count reached number 15 and spent 15 liters of blood transfusion.

The father of the child to get recommendations from friends about Papaya Leaf Juice. After drinking the juice, his platelet original 45 to 25 liters of blood platelets rose quickly to 135.

This makes doctors and nurses by surprise. Even the next day, the friends have not given transfusions anymore.

How to make papaya leaf juice:
♣ 2 papaya leaf blade is cleaned, pounded and squeezed with filter cloth
♣ will get 1 tablespoon per leaf blade
♣ measuring 2 tablespoons 1 a day
♣ The leaves should not be cooked, boiled or washed in hot water because his usefulness will be lost
♣ Remember: it only leaves, no stem or sap.
♣ It is very bitter, but still must be drunk

For it was not too bitter, you can add honey.

Good luck and hopefully useful


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